My Goal

My mission as a writer, an artist, is to connect with people all over the world. To share the stories that won't shut up. To quiet the voices, the characters that tell me there is someone in a corner of the world that can benefit from my words. Plus, its fun. Speculative fiction is a reflection of the human experience. Like the PTSD I struggle with daily the obstacles I make heroes, anti-heroes, respond naturally to an abnormal situation. Such is life.

Welcome one and all!

She has been happily married for over a decade. Colleen has four lovely daughters, 2 cats (Smokey and Mr. Whiskers), and a loving rascal of a dog named River. They are all rescue animals. If she could have more and maintain what it is left of her sanity she would do so in a heartbeat. Recently, she became a grandmother to an adorable little girl named after Supergirl. Yes, geekdom runs in the family.

Colleen Tews is an urban fantasy, paranormal author. She maintains a blog titled Author In The Dark where she discusses what is it like to be an entrepreneur author. Why write about those things that go bump in the night if you're not passionate about it, right? They are a timeless reflection of ourselves. A way to explore the deeper, darker side of our world through a metaphorical looking glass. That it is why Colleen Tews believes vampires, werewolves, and witches will never go out of style. 

It has been said there are no new stories, but I believe not every character's tale has been told.

My Family