Free Halloween Special Novella

We held our first Halloween Special Campaign. Readers voted between the Shadow Faith Series and Dream Prophet universes. The winner will be a free ebook novella and will premiere October 15, 2016. This was a lot of fun and will continue next year, too.

The winner is Dream Prophet: Awakening


‚ÄčBruce Von Stiers reviewed 

Birth of a Vixen

It takes a Birth of a Vixen to lead us in the Shadow Faith series.

The key to success is knowing it is not the end. To learn from failure. Above all...keep writing


Birth of a Vixen Review

Colleen Tews is a 5* author who puts readers first.

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Omg I love this book A great read! It kept me intrigued excited and suspended the whole time. Definitely A must read!!! I can't wait until book 2.... The author is very detailed, and creative I could actually visualize every word as if I was there.... 


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Dream Prophet ~Awakening

Werewolves, witches, & a haunting past overtakes Rhianne Leto's future.