Dream Prophet​: Awakening

Generations of witches and werewolves have lost their lives to war. Rhianne Leto comes from a long line of powerful witches. Much to her alcoholic mother's dismay, she appears to be an average mortal. 

However, appearances are misleading when it comes time for Rhianne to choose her path in life as a werewolf hunter. 

Raging battles, death of a loved one, and a curse that will reshape reality will awaken Rhianne Leto's power. Will it be what end the war in a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? 

Upcoming 2017

Birth of a Vixen ~Shadow Faith series Book 1

Angela Vista has spent her entire undead life as a puppet, possessed by her dead sadistic sire. Dress a certain way. Be seen not heard. Kill in ways that makes Angela wish God gave a shit about the damned.
Until a revolution against the Cabal Ministry breaks out, led by Lucian, a master over shadows. When this cunning and intuitive vampire enters her world Angela's freedom comes at last. Lucian helps Angela evolve into a new person, learn the subtle art of espionage, and captivates her heart. Should they succeed Angela and Lucian will conquer the largest vampire sect in the world or die for treason?

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Virus Within ~Shadow Faith series Book 2

Something or some one has contaminated the human population. Feed on the wrong person and your body rapidly ages to its true state. For some that can mean true death.

Back from Origin, Veronica must face the consequences of her actions, alone. Lucian has new tricks ups his sleeves, but leaves her to fend for herself in a town where everyone wants her dead. Or so she thinks. Will her enemy now become her greatest ally? Can she trust this new comrade and keep old foes at bay long enough to redeem herself?