Shadow Faith Vampire Saga


Angela Vista died at the age of sixteen. Then thirty-three minutes later she awoke as a vampire. There were two slight problems:
1) She refused to accept life as a member of the undead community.
2) She drank too much of her sire's blood and devoured her soul. Now the little brat possess Angela's body and she has no memory of what her sire does during those times.

Now there is a freaking revolution going on against the Cabal Ministry and the group she is part of, el Diablo Cebo, has been hired to take out the ring leader. The Cabal Ministry High Council is paying a lot to for this one job. In and out. But the vampires in Kent, Ohio had different plans because they apparently have sticks up their butts.

Someone offered to pay the Maartens more to kill el Diablo Cebo than enough to make up for the loss of the High Council's assassins. Angela was the lone survivor.

Payback is a bitch. This round in Kent she's learned how to embrace who she is and she is pissed.

Abandoned in Origin for almost a decade, Veronica falls back into Kent, Ohio as vampires began dropping dead. No one knows if it's a curse or a plague, but it is causing vampires to age and die in a matter of days, in some cases hours. What the Cabal Ministry does know is the first death didn't happen until after Lucian returned to the area. Is he back for revenge?

Against Raphe's protest, Primus Grump and his lieutenant, Meisha, are willing to make a deal with Veronica. If she pledges to help them she'll be forgiven for past crimes of treason. Can she turn her back on the man she loves for the greater good? Or does she have a bigger plan in motion to save everyone? Love is a tricky disease that no one can cure.


Veronica is the new vampire sheriff of Northeast Ohio. With this title comes certain responsibilities, one of which is tracking down who manufactured the virus that nearly wiped out all of the town’s vampires.
Her mission is hindered after losing the love of her life. Grief blinds Veronica’s intuition. Buried by loss she will have to overcome whatever obstacles come her way without the help of a mentor. Without a lover. Without a helping hand.
Just as Veronica gets a handle who the culprits are, the leads take her to sunny Miami, Florida. Where vampires there, too, had suffered the virus’ impact. On these unknown shores, Veronica will face a new form of terror she thought existed only in mythology and theology.
Will she be vindicated and accept her role as a true heroine? Or will Veronica let her emotions control decisions and lead her down a path to damnation?

Between the Shadows

(an anthology)


This collection of five short stories occurs between Birth of a Vixen and Virus Within. Each tale features side characters who actions will have ramifications across the Shadow Faith universe for several books to come.

Learn more about the lives of Primus Grump, Vinchenzo Caravelli, Meisha, Romeo, Raphe, Father Khel, and suprise characters you'll love and learn to love to hate.

Dream Prophet Trilogy

Two millennia of civil war between witches and werewolves has taken a serious turn. The Alpha, leader to the world's strongest lycanthropy pack, died, leaving a hole in the chain of command. A battle royale narrows down the list of those fit to take on the role. What the shifters don't know is one of the wolves in the fight is also a witch.

Rhianne Leto is that a witch. She's also a werewolf and a werewolf hunter. Since the Alpha's death Rhianne has been having odd dreams. She headed into the arena to gather information and came out with more questions.

As the mystical puzzle pieces from her dreams come together so, too, does a forbidden romance between Rhianne and the new Alpha. Could these new feelings and insights lead to peace in her time or a hidden doom exacerbating the current state of affairs?

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