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Author of 4 start novel 'Long Live the King', Guy Cote, is at it again with another novel. 'Proof of Passion' debuted March 15th, 2020.

What do you think? Here's the back blurb:

Eric Stafford is the son of the most powerful attorney in Massachusetts. With good looks, intelligence, wealth and charm, he’s poised to sail through his final year of law school and join his father’s firm. But for every night he leads the playboy life that’s expected of him, he wakes with a longing for something real.When he meets Kathy Stevens he finds a gorgeous woman who is his intellectual equal. She challenges him to do something unexpected with his final school project — to defend the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a mock court.Eric sees it as an opportunity to romance Kathy, but she isn’t interested in playboys. His father takes it as a personal affront because he picked a different, controversy-free case for his son. With considerable resources and an arsenal of dirty tricks, his father tries to undermine the case and drive a wedge between Eric and Kathy. And he’s not alone. Kathy’s boyfriend, an influential leader of the Campus Christians, has the same goals and his own underhanded tactics. A perfect storm of money, controversy and local celebrity, the Resurrection mock trial pits father against son, Christian against Atheist, and Eric against himself. There is only one way for him to win Kathy’s heart. He must strip away his playboy facade and follow his true passion.

Now onto the Q & A

Do you drink coffee or tea or both?

I never used to drink coffee, but have gotten into the habit of drinking one iced coffee a day (usually on writing days) dating back to about two years ago. I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea. 

If you could give advice to your younger self about this chosen path, what would it be?

I would urge my younger self to take the advice my father has always offered: enjoy the process because you never know what the result will be. In the past I spent a lot of time and emotion on impatience. If only I can write faster. If only I can get this break. If only I can meet that person. If only I can get over this hurdle. Etc. Etc. None of that matters. What matters is putting out the best possible story you can. And another great piece of advice is write for yourself, not for the marketplace or potential agents or publishers. If the story and the characters don't attract you, you'll never be able to do them enough justice to attract someone else. 

What inspired your leading character?

Eric Stafford was somewhat inspired by young John F. Kennedy when he was a college student. He certainly lived the playboy life that was expected of him, but he also possessed a deeply inquisitive mind, a conscience that urged him to do right by those less fortunate than himself and a longing for something deeper and more meaningful than a life of carousing. 

How are you balancing writing, every day life, and this health crisis?

My wife and I create a schedule/agenda each day and do our best to stick to it, allowing for relax time/entertainment time in the evenings. I'm having an easier time of it than her because as a writer I'm used to being disciplined about the time I devote to my projects and the  time I devote to other non-writing things.

Do you watch tv shows? If so, what kind interest you?

I probably watch too much television, but I love adventure-like stories that take me on an adventurous vacation for an hour or so. Shows of that nature that I enjoy are Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I. and MacGyver (all modern versions of the old shows). I also like Vikings on The History Channel, The Plot Against America (HBO), Westworld (HBO) and I used to love Game of Thrones (HBO). I don't watch much reality television except that which I find on The History Channel like Pawn Stars and American Pickers. I also like Jeopardy and I watch the evening news (NBC) and CNN.

Do you fall into the author cliché` of having depression and/or anxiety?

I don't suffer from depression too much. I'm a pretty even-keeled guy. Of course, certain situations can spark a bit of depression in me (death or illness of someone I care about, a bad thing happening in my life, etc.). I do get a bit of anxiety, but it's usually related to finances. I pay the bills by owning/operating a small business whereby I sell Maine Lobster at farmers markets, special events and festivals in Florida. The inconsistency, fluctuating prices on lobster and worries about the weather tend to give me anxiety. I used to teach 8th grade history in a public school. From an anxiety standpoint I don't know if that was worse or better than what I do now. 

What is the best part about publishing? Do you self-publish?

The best part about publishing is having others run around in a world of your creation, that you alone lived in for at least a year and usually longer. I love talking to people about my stories, especially when they are captivated by them and want to ask me questions about them. A small publisher published my first book. For this book I went a different route because it originated as a screenplay I created with two filmmakers. The three of us own the rights to this story equally. It didn't make much sense for us to split the pie even further by bringing in a publisher. Besides, my partners are currently trying to raise the financing for the film. We worried that a publisher controlling the novel version of the story would be an impediment to potential film investors. 

What do you wish to accomplish with your writing?

I want to touch people, make them think about my story long after they finished reading it. For that reason I don't think I could write a simple fluff piece. Don't get me wrong. Those types of stories have their place, provide wonderful escapism. But I personally don't get much out of them. I enjoy stories with numerous twists and unpredictable fates for the characters. I enjoy stories that make me think and teach me things without me even realizing I'd been taught. Those are the kinds of stories I enjoy reading and they are the stories I try hard to write. 


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