Fanny Lee Savage Has A Story To Share

Allow me to introduce you to Fanny Lee Savage, author of The Guardian Series and The Playhouse Series. Please feel free to get to know her personally on Facebook after reading the interview. (Her website is listed in the bottom paragraph.)

What inspired your leading character?

~The leading characters in the Guardian Series, Ayden and Charlotte, don't have a particular inspiration source. I had the story in my head for years and one day I wrote the first chapter down. Charlotte developed herself as I wrote. She is the sum of all the strong women in my life who have been forced to overcome tragedies. Ayden on the other hand, is based loosely off of the character in the show, Spartacus. He has the same loyalty and sense of righteousness.

In the Playhouse series, Jess and Liam came about as I was exploring the roles of a vampire and his human lover. The dynamics between the two resembled a Dom and sub relationship, and suddenly, I had two strong characters with a story all their own.

How are you balancing writing, every day life, and this health crisis?

~It's been extremely difficult. I've spent the last 5 years trying to make lemonade out of all the lemons life keeps throwing at me, that writing has been a major challenge, often times taking the back burner. This crisis is giving me time to write and I'm starting to settle down enough to actually put some words down.

Do you fall into the author cliché of having depression and/or anxiety? (There is no obligation to discuss this issue. It is something I struggle with and discuss on my blog.)

~Unfortunately, I do suffer from depression and anxiety. I think creative people tend to be overthinkers and writers have such a wild imagination, I believe it makes our brains work overtime. Writing is a way to escape your reality and helpful in dealing with depression. I started writing as a result of a major depressive episode in my life. It helped me cope and provided an outlet for the negative feelings swirling in my head.

If you could give advice to your younger self about this chosen path, what would it be?

~Start now. Take writing classes. Read even more. Write, write, write. Never be ashamed and never feel not good enough. Just let every story flow out of you and worry about the rest later.

My biggest regret was waiting until I was in my thirties to start writing. I have so many stories to share, I wish I had started younger.

Do you watch tv shows? If so, what kind interest you?

~I rarely watch TV, until I do. Then I binge. Most shows don't interest me. I think the writer mind makes it difficult to enjoy TV because I'm always finding plot holes or figuring out the ending. Some I have found that I have loved are the Walking Dead (until a few seasons ago), Breaking Bad (pure writing and character genius), The Crown, and Altered Carbon (one of the best storylines). Oh and of course the previously mentioned Spartacus because who doesn't love naked men and gladiators?

Do you drink coffee or tea or both?

~Coffee is life. I like tea, mostly peppermint, but I have a major coffee problem.

What is the best part about publishing? Do you self-publish?

~I self publish. The entire publishing process is tedious. I hate it. What I love is that feeling of hitting the button that launches your book and shares it with readers. It is a mixture of pure terror and elation. Like standing at the end of a high dive right before you jump. You have no idea if the landing will hurt but you do it anyways.

What do you wish to accomplish with your writing?

~Simply share my stores. I have so many ideas in my head. Do I want fame? No, but the money would be nice though. Just knowing that a handful of people enjoyed my work is all I've ever wanted.

Uncover all of Fanny Lee Savage's books on her Website.

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