K.C. Rice: Behind the Social Distance

K.C. Rice is phenomenal pure romance novelist. She follows her heart and puts that love into her prose. Don't take my word for it. Read this Q & A, then click the link to her books. You can tell us what you think.

1)      What inspired your leading character? Honestly, most my characters are from a dream I’ve had.

2)      How are you balancing writing, every day life, and this health crisis?

Before the pandemic, it was a bit hectic. I work in the school system full time. So juggling work, writing and home was hectic. Now that school is closed I have a lot of time on my hands, however my grandkids also live with me, add a 10 yr old going on 16 girl. And a 8 yr old boy with adhd and autism... 🥴🥴🥴

But we have been very lucky that we are all healthy. And my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected. It’s heart breaking.

3)      If you could give advice to your younger self about this chosen path, what would it be? Start at a younger age... don’t wait. Make time for your dreams as you cares for your family.

4)      Do you watch tv shows? If so, what kind interest you? Not a big TV watcher, but when I do: I love Big Bang Theory and M*A*S*H. I’m addicted to Netflix’s Lucifer.

5)      Do you drink coffee or tea or both? More of a latte in the morning and iced sweet tea with lemon after noon.

6)      Do you fall into the author cliché` of having depression and/or anxiety? (There is no obligation to discuss this issue. It is something I struggle with and discuss on my blog.) Unfortunately. I have always had anxiety since I was a little girl and with adolescence came depression. Home life wasn’t the best. When my mom died suddenly I guess you can say depression hit full speed. I lost myself but thank god my husband stood by me, he fought for me, he pulled me out of the darkness and saved me. The veil still hovers and at times she’s a real bitch. But I understand the warning signs and heed them.

7)      What is the best part about publishing? Do you self-publish? I am a self publisher. Best part is also the worse part. (in my opinion) No deadlines, no one breathing down your neck and you can work at your own speed. ( I need a kick in the ass sometimes) and you get to make all the decisions.

8)      What do you wish to accomplish with your writing? To share my stories with as many people throughout the world that I can. Of course I would love to be a best seller one day, but if those who read my stories are able to escape the humdrum and troubles of real life... just for a short time to have a break and enjoy. That’s what it’s all about to me.



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