New Dawn, New Day

Holy crap. It’s only 5:17am and I’ve already been productive, and on a Sunday no less, WTF!?

Three days ago, all I did was sleep. I maybe had three or four hours of awake time. Where I was somewhat alive and coherent. Then I visited my doctor. I told him what was happening and he had the medical assistant give me a wonder shot in my butt. It was a magical shot of B12. I LOVE B12.

Why is this so handy?

I have Hashimoto’s Disease and my thyroid is mean to me. I could go into all the medical terminology about TSH, T3 and T4 etc. but for most of that information you should really turn to Mayo Clinic or better yet, your doctor. What it means for me…

1) Chin Hair.

2) Weight Gain

3) Fatigue (lots of fatigue)

4) Body Pain

5) Problems with Hot and Cold

6) Brain Fog

7) Dizziness

8) Basically Problems with EVERY Organ.

I was once hospitalized for having a high liver enzyme count you would have thought I was an alcoholic for many, many years. I had had a glass a champaign and one gin and tonic for our wedding anniversary. Before that…Nothing for a year. I had only drunk on that one night. Now, no more alcohol. One shot of tequila could send me right back into the hospital. Adios José.

Right now, my levels are through the roof, double digits. I’ve been gaining weight like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously, my body thinks I’m starving in a desert. I drink almost two liters of water a day, snack throughout the day with a bigger meal around dinner time. All the things the docs told me to do. But for some reason it’s not enough and that’s ok. Sometimes life is like that.

So, what makes today different?

Today, a couple days after I had the B12 shot, when I woke at 4:30am to take my Synthroid -my synthetic thyroid hormone pill, I did not go back to bed. I had about six hours of sleep. I want to see what I can do with the rest I had gotten. Already, I’ve done yoga, posted a reel to Instagram and written this blog. It’s not even 6am, yet. This looks to be a very promising day.

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