Not Sweating the Small Stuff

2021 started the way all new years start; with renewed vigor and sticking to tasks. How long will this last? No one knows and that’s ok.

The last time I set goals was in 2014. I joined Planet Fitness. I ate healthy. I published Birth Of A Vixen. I left a job of seven years to work for a hospital. My doctor and I decided no more overnight shift because...That year I also kicked started my thyroid issues and migraines.

Setting New Year Resolutions haven’t been on my to-do list for a while. However, this year I want to at least stick to a healthy regiment. One that I know is healthy for me, now that I know what isn’t good for my body.

That means not joining a gym, no counting calories and no micromanaging. If I get something on my list done for the day -GREAT. If not -oh, well, it must not have been too important.

I wake up every morning to a task list on the computer’s desktop. It’s set for the whole year, reminding me to do big things like Write Four Hours and little things such as Morning Regiment, which entails wash my face, brush my teeth, apply serum, Olay Regenerist Moisturizer Cream, and make-up if I’m shooting any pics that day. Sounds silly to put this in a task list, but when there are a zillion things to do in a day my brain gets ahead of itself.

I do not check everything off in a day. At first this irritated me to no end. It took me a couple therapy sessions to realize I was setting myself up for failure. I wasn’t taking into consideration my personal limits. This did not make me weak. It made me human. A person can only do so much. To be my own boss I have to recognize that and chill. By seeing this I am less stressed and actually accomplish more.

When I was younger, I thought it was all about the small stuff. That every little thing mattered. I turn forty in a week and I’ve come to realize small moments are heartfelt pieces of life, small stuff are nothing to worry about.

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