The Fear of Falling Apart

How does one face their fears when they have no control over BIG picture items?

2020 has been pretty scary. We impeached a president in January. In March, COVID-19 marched in. By April we stayed indoors to avoid it and the rain. May, we cried out when George Floyd called out for his mother. The summer was full of protests, riots, politics, guns in capital buildings, and more deaths. Holidays were “cancelled” or celebrated small. As I write this the COVID-19 death toll breaks 300 thousand in the United States alone. What do we do when life is this scary?

I could tell you we come together as a country. That we stand united. That we accept reality, accept that former Vice President Joe Biden won both the Popular and Electoral vote and that he is President-Elect Joe Biden.

I could say that the vaccine is out there right now being distributed to healthcare workers. That a cure has arrived. Please line up for your shot.

But half of the nation won’t hear these words. Why? Because of fear. Half of the nation has grown accustomed to its anxious embrace. They thrive on it. They crave it so much they created an entire social media platform to feed off each other lies. Like the ouroboros, they will eat themselves into oblivion.

How do we overcome fear? By remaining on the path that got Biden and Harris where they are and not letting their fear control us, remaining calm and steadfast, the fears of 2020 will stay in 2020. We will not fall apart in 2021. We must learn from our past, not dwell in it. As Frank Herbert said, “Fear is the mind killer.” Own that we had such emotions. Do not let the emotion control us. By us I mean the United States, for we are a nation of People, of individuals.

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