Waking Up to December Snow

I can see why successful entrepreneurs wake early.

These last few nights I’ve been going to bed between 10:30pm and 11pm only to get up naturally around 4:45am. I take my Synthroid, let the dogs out (it’s been snowing, so they had a ball outside), fed them and the cat, and exercised. The best part is, I don’t feel drained.

Could I lay down and go back to bed? Absolutely. But I don’t feel the pull like I did a week ago. I feel productive.

On that note, I plan on ending 2020 with a gleeful song in my heart and giving back. I created a yearly Book the Season subscription offer. I added up the normal month to month dues, then subtracted 45% from that to give you a better savings. That brings the yearly subscription to $98.91. Which is a great deal when you consider everything you get every month for the next 12 months.

The monthly membership is $14.99, but with the yearly deal it comes to $8.25 a month. This sale only last until December 31st. That seems far away but between the holidays, shopping, and work, the time will fly by fast. Make sure you get for yourself or the paranormal lover in your life fast. It’d make a great stocking stuffer. The gift that keeps giving.

Speaking of which, I have more books to write. There is Shadow Faith Series Book Three: Vindication to finish and Dream Prophet Book Two to wrap up. I’ll get you updated on both projects soon. Until then…Stay safe. Stay healthy. Rest in the knowledge that 2020 is almost over.

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