Who Are The Hotties In The SFS?

Let's be honest, when we read books that have sexy men and women in them we're going to be aroused. Perfectly natural. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you're worried that they'll see what you're reading -That's the reason you bought the eBook, right? No cover for people to see in the friendly, neighborhood coffee shop.

Okay, so, let me tell you about the main character Angela, I mean Veronica. You'll figure it out.

Angela Vista is the daughter of two ghouls who were forced into having her. The father's Master was like "Make me a baby with her!" So he did.

Thankfully, her mom, Constance had a compassionate Master and whisked mommy and the baby away from the psycho vampire. Angela grew up in a loving home. That was smashed to pieces when her father crashed her sweet sixteen birthday party, killed her mother, and kidnapped Angela. Happy fucking birthday.

That night Angela was murdered and resurrected as a member of the undead community.

Lucian is the charismatic rebel set on freeing the vampires from the shadows. He wants the whole world to know they exist.

During the Spanish Inquisition, when he was mortal, his wife was burned as a witch by the Catholic Church -which was actually the Cabal Ministry. Lucian tried to save her, even became a vampire to increase his chances for success. Ultimately, he failed.

But he refuses to end in failure this time. With loftier goals in mind and a sponsor, Lucian is taking over Cabal Ministry territories in The United States on step at a time.

Raphe is the Cabal Ministry Sheriff in Kent, Ohio. Ladies, listen up. He's got your number. Whatever you want done to you, with you, for you, he is down. This devilishly handsome vampire with icy-blue eyes knows that the body is a vessel for pleasure. It is his duty to protect it and play with it, with your consent, of course. You will give your consent.

Were you our heroine who would you pick?

A) A charismatic rebel with ideas of changing the world for the better.


B) Mr. Your-body-is-a-wonderland.

Here's the cool thing. You don't have to decide. You can have them both. How? You're the reader. You get to have your cake and eat it too by reading the Shadow Faith Series. The hotness starts off in book one, Birth Of A Vixen.

Head over to the Books page for the link. These articles will still be here when your done.

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